Embassy in Israel


Updated date: 09/08/2016

The objectives of the Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy are: assisting Argentinian businessmen who want to enter the Israeli Market in identifying niches, promoting investment in Argentina, establishing bilateral agreements for business and commercial cooperation.  To achieve them, we act in three different fields: commercial, investment, and finance.


Means for accomplishing commercial objectives:

1. Identifying commercial opportunities

This Section searches for israeli importers to match the Argentinian exportable offer, and contacts companies that import those products from other countries.  Potential importers are exposed to the potential of our products and exporters.  Whenever there is a demand from an israeli importer, the specific demand is uploaded to our commercial opportunity system, so that Argentinian businessmen from around the country can see it instantly.

This commercial opportunity includes the following information: product name and type, custom item number, quantity and technical specifications, and the contact details of the importer.  The Argentinian exporter can use this information to make an offer straight to the importer, and start negotiating with them.  In every case, this commercial office is available for consultation regarding how to make an offer according to local criteria.

The current commercial opportunities can be found in  http://www.argentinatradenet.gov.ar/


2. Promoting the exportable offer

Argentinian firms are often active and don't wait for a commercial opportunity to arise.  In those cases, we can help by promoting their exportable products.  Unlike commercial opportunities, where the importer searches for a product, in this case the exporter offers their product to the potential importers.

This Section can help the Argentinian firm in preparing an offer and adapting it to the local criteria and tradition.  The presentation of the offer should be concise and clear, and include a description of the offered product, its characteristics and technical norms, offered quantities, and any other relevant information.


3. Market research

This Section prepares market reports that include the characteristics of a specific product, possible restrictions for trade, reference prices, fairs and expositions, related Chambers, among other details.

Previous market research done by this office can be found in  http://www.argentinatradenet.gov.ar/.


4. Market profiles

They are summarized reports that include the most common aspects of maket research.

Sometimes, companies will need to know the basic market info on their products, such as: tariffs, total imports, main business chambers, fairs, and a list of importers.


5. Organizing business trips

Every Argentinian businessman, be it individually or in a group, that has commerciable products in the israeli market, may ask for assistance from the Economic and Commercial Section, in preparing the agenda of his appointments.  Generally, Israeli businessmen tend to schedule appointments in advance.  For that reason, we suggest planning a trip no less than 60 days before.


6. Participating in international fairs

The Economic Section organizes the Argentinian Stands in the fairs in which Argentina officially participates.


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